Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is Sammy.  He was the first cat I ever had that was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia.  At the time, everything was dim and grim, and I was told by his vet that the kindest thing I could do was to have him euthanized.  This was back in 1989, and things have changed since.  I did not listen to that vet, but there wasn't much information back then on how to deal with Feline Leukemia- back then it was called 'Cat AIDs'.  I just provided the best home I could, the best food and medical care I could, and hoped for the best. 

Sammy lived for five years after I rescued him, and he eventually died from urinary tract failure- and infection from having (sorry it sounds gross) the end of his penis cut off because he was having problems urinating.  He actually died in his carrier while waiting for veterinary care, which I have always felt horrible about.  Obviously I never went back to that vet, either.  I will have Sammy's whole story up soon at Cat Adoption Stories, but until then, I came across another site that gives really good advice about Feline Leukemia and Health Tips.  Interestingly enough, the cat she talks about also was named Sam.  She gives some good tips on how to integrate a cat that has leukemia into your household.  I think these are good tips for people who keep their pets indoors, or who have limited numbers of pets.  I have always had a different take because my pets were rescues, and most began as feral cats who have most likely already been exposed. 

What you need to know is that having your cat diagnosed with Feline Leukemia is not a death sentence. They can live for many healthy, happy years if you keep on top of their medical concerns.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Baby Squirrel

Through Craigslist, I've found a new helper for baby squirrel. As much as I love baby animals, trying to raise them surrounded by cats is hard. At some point you have to say that as much as you care about them, you are not the optimum person to raise them.

I'll be following his new home, and hope he is doing well. Pix to follow.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

OMG cute like Koolaid

Another baby squirrel.

This one not so chewed up. And me with antibiotics. So he has lived for more than a couple of days.

I took him to the vet- a couple of them- no help whatsoever. One of the interns thought he was a dog!

I breastfed my kids, so I know how effin cute that is. This is a very close second. I have pixs, and will post them soon.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Adopt an Olive Tree?

What a clever idea! At NUDO, you can 'adopt' an Olive Tree and then receive Olive Oil from that tree throughout the year. Since it ships from overseas, I have no idea how the pricing works out, but what a great idea. If the deal included cured olives, it'd be hard for me to resist.

Seeing their website made me think it's a good time to remind people to check around in their area for a CSA community-supported agriculture) farm to join/support. For a modest monthly or yearly fee you'll get fresh, local produce and be supporting your local farmers.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Michael Vick and the Eagles? FAIL

Well, I had previously been wondering what kind of loser team would even CONSIDER signing on Michael Vick. I mean who wants a dog-hating, animal abusing, LIAR who thinks animal cruelty is fun? Not to mention his little habit of committing state and federal crimes, and taking illegal drugs?

Well, now we know! The losing team is the Philadelphia Eagles. I wonder how his poor teammates feel, knowing that the most-hated man in sports is on their team now? They can't all be dog-haters, can they?

Michael Vick- FAIL
Philadelphia Eagles- FAIL



Yeah, HERPES. Seems like one of great social things Michael Vick has done is to pass along a social disease. Herpes- the gift that keeps on giving! Michael Vick gave his college ex-girlfriend Herpes, and she sued him in civil court. They setttled for an undisclosed sum. I don't recall him denying it. So I guess that while Vick was all for torturing dogs, he's against wearing condoms. Priorities. Tip to Vick's new Eagles teammates- don't share straws with Vick.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009



I understand, that like all sports, money is the end-all-be-all. At the same time, though, it does involve people playing sports, and it seems like who is on your team might be pretty important. It isn't likely that your team will do well if one of your teammates was openly having an affair with your wife. It would probably bring your morale down a bit.

Is it really possible that no football players in the NFL have disgust for Michael Vick? Is there really not a chance that having him on your team would lower morale?

Why is Michael Vick still in the NFL pool anyway? Are there really not enough talented players in all of the US that one of them could replace him?


Well, that's what a lot of NFL lovers and animal haters like to keep saying. But it's true. He has done the pathetically minimum he had to based on our current justice system. He also no doubt did less than a non-celebrity would have. What people forget is that paying your debt to society does not mean that society OWES YOU. It doesn't mean people forget and that you get automatically put right back where you tumbled down from. Society does not have an obligation to treat any person a certain way just because they were FORCED to serve time for their criminal actions. Pedophile preschool teachers do not get their teaching jobs back once they're out of prison. Society does not owe any ex-criminal anything.


Michael Vick is a liar.

He lied to everyone in the NFL about his criminal activities. When asked point blank, he lied. In the press he lied and tried to put all the blame on his family and friends. He lied in court, to the judge. Who would want a liar on the team?

Michael Vick has proven he is a long-term criminal.

He enthusiastically participated in multiple state and federally illegal activities for at least 6 years. He bought property for the explicit reason to commit crimes. While on probabtion, he again committed a crime by using illegal drugs. Who would want a long-term criminal and illegal drug user on their team?

Michael Vick is a cruel and heartless dog-hater.

I have seen the pictures of where Vick's dogs were kennelled (ugh), chained and fought. Pics here Not exactly luxury accomodations for 60 plus unlucky dogs. He mistreated, starved, fought and killed numerous dogs, all so that he could get entertainment watching their misery. And, he BET on their lives. He beat, electrocuted, hung, shot and drowned dogs for their misfortune in having lost a fight or not being able to be forced to be aggressive enough. He used 'FAMILY PETS' as bait while training those dogs, and laughed while they were being attacked. He enjoyed watching animals, even his own animals, be injured and maimed- for fun! Who would want to play ball with a person like that on their team?


Actually, he was forced to in court. But he managed to fuck that up with criminality, too. He illegally took the funds to pay the fine and the poor dog's care out of his own employee's RETIREMENT funds. Which is illegal. Which is now being contested by bankruptcy court. Do you want a teammate who has to be forced to abide by the rules?


Not likely. More likely that he just wants his multi-million over-priced salary back. Check out his answers on an animal assessment questionaire. He thinks chickens are 'athletic'? Is he going to venture into cock-fighting now? It is sad that a few years of college didn't improve his 3rd grade ability to read and write. Even sadder that he was in college at all. Kudos to whoever was doing his homework and tests for him, and whoever was bribing the college. Do you want to be the team he disgraces next? Because there will be another disgrace. If he's changed so much, a good way to prove it would be to donate his first year's salary to a group offering free spay and neutering. Research shows that the majority of people convicted for child abuse or domestic abuse also abused animals. Research also shows that people who abuse children, their spouses or animals rarely stop, even after incarceration.


No, people just generally don't like liars, cheaters, animal abusers/torturers/killers and overall asshole people. People don't like it when they feel played. They don't like it when criminals have no remorse for things they've done, other than the boo-hoo loss of money. People don't like celebrities who think their shit doesn't stink, and that they shouldn't have to pay for their crimes like the common folk. People don't like people who have entitlement disorders, who think the world owes them something for being so 'special', without taking responsibility for their own actions. In fact, people don't like it when criminals claim the problem is racism (or sexism or ageism or anti-pedophilism) instead of the problem being that they just can't go by societal rules. And they especially don't like it when minorities of any colour/sex/whatever embarrass them by being criminals.

And most of all, people generally don't like assholes who enjoy causing pain and death to animals. For fun! Would you want a person like that on your team?

I look forward to seeing who signs Vick. Because as stupid as it is, some team will. I'll enjoy watching them lose. What would be really entertaining would be if some of the team-members resigned in protest. Now THAT would be a victory for the animals.

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's All Good- Veggie Chick’n Breasts in Tomato Tuscan Marinade Review

Yay, VvonV cooked dinner last night!
He made some "It's All Good" faux chicken breasts, corn on the cob and stewed beans.

I wish he'd have given me time to take a few pictures of it before we dug in, because it looked very pretty. According to him, he cooked the faux chick'n according to the package, and then topped it with sauteed onions, sweet red peppers and cherry tomatoes- with a splash of white wine. He scarfed his so quick I doubt he tasted it. We'll have to work on that...

It's been almost 24 years since I've had chicken, so I have no clue as to how close it is to the real thing. It is one of the first larger 'breast' sized analogs that seemed to get the texture right. That seems to be important to people who are just starting a vegetarian diet.

I will be writing a more in-depth review (and making it again so we have pictures) on vegan-o-rama, so look for that there.