Monday, June 22, 2009

Fish One

It has become apparent that Fish One is not pregnant as I'd hoped. In fact, research has shown to me that Koi don't ever get 'pregnant'. They aren't live bearers. But she could have been a bit puffy-looking if she'd had some developing eggs inside her.

I'm pretty sure now that she doesn't. I think she has what's called 'dropsy' or 'bloat' or 'pine-cone' syndrome. She pretty much looks like a pine-cone now. Oh, it's also called the Milawi Bloat, even though the poor thing's never been to Milawi. Luckily her siblings look ok.

As far as I can tell, there's not much I can do. I've cleaned the pond and filter, added some alfalfa granules and doused the pond with tea tree oil. I might need to add some salt to the pond.

I hope she pulls through- she's lasted longer than any of the info I've read said she should have.

Crossing my fingers.

Oh, by the way- the frogs/toads are in full force. I can't ever keep them straight because I always heard toads will drown in water, and frogs will die without water. But my toad/frogs seem to like both. They are just the cutest-ugliest things.


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Anonymous said...

I had 2 fish with this and thought they would surely die, I put them in a sick tank
then I used pimafix and melafix for ponds by API for 10 days. I left them a little longer in sick tank but I will tell you if you treat them sooner then later they can survive. I did treat my pond however due to I didn't want any one else getting sick. My fish that were bigger then yours is are now very happy and back with their friends in the big pond. Read up on this it works ,