Monday, July 6, 2009

Dog Movies

Tonight I watched 'Marley and Me' with the boys for about the 3rd time. At 2AM. What the heck, they're on summer vacation, right?

What a sad movie. The kids think it's funny, but it makes me think of Patty when she was old. She was such a brat when she was young, and then when she was old she was so good with the kids. She used to eat the Cheerios that got stuck in the top of the kid's diapers.

Another good movie is 'The Year of the Dog'. It's sad, too, but it also touches on animal rights and vegetarianism. If you like dogs, watch these movies.


Julie said...

I loved Marley and Me! I normally can't stand Owen Wilson, but he was alright in the movie. LOVE Jennifer Aniston. Quick question though, if you're a vegan, why are you advertising A-1 steak sauce on your blog????

GloryBug said...

Ha! I find Owen annoying often, too. And I don't think Aniston is that great of an actress. My kids really liked the movie, though. Good point about the A-1... I haven't found a way yet to block certain random ads from my websites. Yet. I'm looking into that. Thanks for pointing that out- it really bugs me.