Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Easy Weight Loss with Vegetable Juice

Losing weight just by drinking 8oz of vegetable juice a day seems pretty silly, but new research has shown that doing just that can triple your actual weight loss. Of course, I like this idea because I already love V8 vegetable juice, as well as the Knudsen Very Veggie vegetable juice. For some reason I just always forget to buy it. This is a good reason to remember!

As a long-term vegetarian, I'm not overweight. More, that because of having two children, I've had a hard time losing weight in my waist. I know I'll never have a 22 inch waist again, but it would be nice to go down a couple of inches. Having Fibromyalgia doesn't help, because it lowers your metabolism, and for some people like myself, over-exercise makes you feel worse.

I'm going to try to add in that extra cup of vegetable juice a day for a couple of months and see what happens. Why don't you try it, too?
Here's a link to an article I have written giving tips on how to incorporate that extra veggie juice into your daily schedule.

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